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The first operation is the diagnosis of the cooling system.

With the help of specialized programs, the temperatures for the processor, motherboard and video card are highlighted, both from "idle" .

When the computer is only turned on, and at average / maximum load, when running more powerful applications, such as 3D games or High Definition movies.

It is important that the radiators are released from the dust accumulated by the constant flow of air produced by the fans.

The radiator of the processor, the video card and the chipset are completely disassembled and carefully cleaned of any dust accumulation.

The fan blades accumulate dust over time.

Thorough cleaning with a brush or compressed air reduces weight and thus the fan works again at maximum speed.

Also, after cleaning dust, the noise will be reduced significantly, making the operation more enjoyable.

An extremely delicate operation is the replacement of the thermal conductive paste applied to the processor and to the video chip.

They are well cleaned of old and hardened paste, all the scales will be removed, the new paste will be spread evenly.

The dust accumulated in the corners, in the ventilation slots and in the ventilation grilles is carefully erased or removed.

In order, to avoid its penetration in the cooling circuit after the computer has been assembled.

Over time it will accumulate dust again, but with this operation the negative effects on the cooling system will be delayed.

Alcohol cleaning of computer components is inevitable. This option clears the motherboard, frames and other components of any kind of non-user friendly solution to your computer.

Laptop cleaning is a very important computer maintenance operation.

It is performed twice a year (recommended), neglecting it, leading to turning off / restarting the laptop, overheating it until burning / disassembling the components on the board due to the temperature.

Gabriel Solzea of ​​FIX IT Computer Services executes and ensures their cleaning for your lapyop to run promptly.

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