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Hello there !

I am Gabriel Solzea and i am the founder of FIX IT COMPUTER SERVICES.

FIXITCS specializes in the repair of computers and laptops. I deliver my services at home or office. You can contact me for both software and hardware repairs of laptops and desktops. You can also contact me to create a company website or even an online store.

In addition, i provide you or your company with regular computer maintenance to ensure your internet privacy
I am young, joking and sometimes rotten, but when it comes about to my work,i am extremely serious, especially as you as a customer can make a great effort to pay for my services. I like what i do, i am happy to help customers and so we will have to win. As an extension of the future, i will not be able to grow even more than if i continue to provide irreproachable services so that the clients can recommend FIXIT CS and constantly call for my services.

Why me ?

The quality of the services offered is first and foremost for us and we want that any repaired equipment will no longer have problems for the same cause, if there are more special cases and the repair is not safe, we prefer to know all the risks before giving your agreement for the repair. . We wish that after your experience with us you will be completely satisfied and consider that it was worth to call our services, that the problem for which you asked for our help has been solved and that from now on you will know who to call every time when you have problems.

What can i offer you?



We Can Identify And Fix Defective Components Of Your Computer, We Can Install A New Component On Your System Or We Can Upgrade Your Old Components. If It Is A Laptop Talk, We Can Perform Cooling System Cleaning, Upgrade Hard Disk Or RAM And Any Other Problems You Have


We perform Windows 7.8, 8.1, 10, Server 2008, 2012, Linux, Antivirus, Office Licensing Or Various Other Licensed Programs You Have Owned Or Purchased From Us.


If You Want To Create A Website For Your Business contact Us Now, And We Will Assure You That Our Offer Will Lead You To Success. Web Design Services For Creating Online Platforms With An Exceptional Design Of Any Type: Online Store, Service Presentation, Business Promotion, Etc.


Do You Want A Digital Business Card For You, A Website Or An Online Store? We Can Do Tthis For You, As Well As Create Your Own Logo (Optional). Business Cards Are An Indispensable Element Of Any Person Or Business Nowadays. Create Your Own Unique Design Now And Make A Difference In Your Field!


Consists in performing detailed tests through which we can find out both the cause of the problem, the problem itself and the possible solutions that could lead to the reair of the equipment.


You need your laptop back for your work ? No worries , now you can have your laptop functionable on your office in 24-48 hours . Contact me right now and make your laptop work property.


The laptop needs maintenance to have lasting performance. Thus, it is regularly recommended to visit a service center where maintenance operations can be carried out,I can guarantee my durable services.


Analyze performance data, the purpose of this aspect being to discover the relevant details as well as to gain the power to make ONLY informed decisions.

If building a site is on your list of goals, do not hesitate to contact us. Our promptness, together with your desire, will create a value  that will surely have extraordinary results!


If you want to create a website for your business, a online web shop or even to re-design your old website, feel free to sent me an email with your project. Together we will create an attractive and elegant website for your business.

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