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You are looking for computer repair services in Amsterdam ? Here is the right place to repair your computer with FIXITCS! The best laptop&desktop computer repair services and also phone repair services. You have also a broken display at your phone ? FIXITCS Can repair your phone in no time! The best phone repair services in Amsterdam! You can also contact for windows repair, laptop repair services, computer repair services, phone repair, or even motherboard repairs.  The best laptop repair services ! The best computer repair services !

We are Fixitcs

Do you need laptop or computer repair service?  Is your laptop malfunctioning? Or you looking for a phone repair services ? Few things can disrupt your work and your life as much as a damaged computer

Whether you are working on business, school work, or creative projects, living without your computer working property, can be almost impossible.  We understand the challenges that you face when your computer or laptop is not cooperating. FIXITCS will improve your laptop or desktop performance, even if he don’t show signs of life. The best Laptop and Desktop repairing services in Amsterdam for you!

The quality of the computer repair services offered is first and foremost for us and we want that any computer repaired  e.g Laptop & Desktop or phone will no longer have problems for the same cause, if there are more special cases and the computer repair is not safe, we prefer to know all the risks before giving your agreement for the desktop , laptop or phone repair.

For the correct and complete preparation of the repair estimate for a computer that has display defects, the motherboard, it is necessary that it be left in service for diagnosis.

It goes further with the repair only with the client’s consent.


You don't have time to bring your computer or phone to service? Now you can choose a pick-up service and we come and take the device for you for only €25,00 everywhere in Amsterdam!
  • What equipment do we take from home: laptop,desktop computer, phone and tablet.
  • As soon as possible, the equipment can be picked up the next day after the pick-up is registered.
  • Pick-up time interval 13: 00-18: 00 Monday-Friday.
  • Diagnosis of the equipment is possible only in service, with the help of dedicated technicians and equipment.
  • You pay for the repair only after you have verified that everything is fine.
  • In case of a warranty defect, taking over the equipment from home is not covered by the warranty, this is an OPTIONAL service.

Most times the diagnosis of a defect can be made only by intervening on certain parts (capacitors, resistors, transistors, BGA chips, SMD, processors, sources, memories, housing elements, etc.).

During the diagnosis we have to replace certain parts that cannot be recovered, therefore the refusal of repair will be charged with € 29.95 – this amount can be recovered if you change your mind and return for repair

  1. After the equipment arrives in service, the fault is diagnosed within 4 hours;
  2. After diagnosis, we will call you to send you the details of the defect and the cost of repair;
  3. In case of accepting the repair and if we have the necessary parts in stock, the repair is performed on the same day;
  4. As soon as the equipment is repaired and tested, the next day it gets back to you.
  • Pick-up service cost: € 25.00 (paid upon return of equipment).
    What you get for € 25.00 : taking over the equipment, complete and accurate diagnosis, returning it.
  • For the repair costs may depend case to case. You can chack also Pricing List.

For an accurate and complete diagnosis of the equipment, it is necessary to be left in service. Our guaranteed term for diagnosis is between 24-48 hours. It may vary depending on the complexity of the defect and the level of congestion in the service.

  • The warranty period of the parts varies depending on their condition and the supplier / manufacturer
  • Parts warranty: 6-24 months
    Labor warranty: 2 months
  • After diagnosis, you will know exactly what the problem is with the laptop, even if you do not repair it
  • We do not lose important data after the hard drive because of us and their confidentiality is maintained
  • The interventions on the motherboard are carried out with care and precision equipment without affecting other components
  • We try as much as possible for the equipment to be repaired as soon as possible
  • We use consumables and quality parts so that we can morally guarantee the repair for a long time from the completion and expiration of the warranty period.

Dust computer cleaning is a very important maintenance operation. It is performed twice a year, neglecting it, leading to the extinguishing / restarting of the laptop, to its overheating until the burning / disassembly of the components on the board due to the temperature.

computer reparatie

Damaged Device

The laptop needs maintenance to have lasting performance.


I deliver my services at clients home or in my office.

Fast fixing

During the process i inform you about the stage of the process.

Quick return

No worries, you will have your laptop back within 24-48 hours

Marius Florea Catalin
Marius Florea Catalin
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the greatest team. I turned to their services on the recommendation of a friend and I was very impressed with the quality of the services. Continue like this, I recommend with confidence.💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Corina Cocor
Corina Cocor
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It fits your needs, the order arrives quickly and you have all the support and guidance 👏👏👏
Dragos Radu
Dragos Radu
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Highly recommended!
Jovita Gitaitiene
Jovita Gitaitiene
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